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It's the end of January, and you know what that means: B-Fest! The 24-hour festival of B-movies! This is my tenth year. I KNOW. Head over to my livejournal for the annual writeup of sex, violence, and paper plates.
I've been surreptitiously adding stuff to this site over the last couple of weeks. The music page mow includes a player with lots of stuff I've posted on social media over the years that doesn't belong anywhere else. The short story The Mother of the Wood is now hosted here, and I've collected the movie reviews from "31 Days of Halloween" and B-Fests past into a single page and added a link to my rarely-updated blog.

The 2013 edition of 31 Days of Halloween is up, too!
I have a story in the new (and final) issue of Twit Publishing's Pulp!, which is available for Kindle, Nook, and on good, ol' fashioned pressed dead tree. I've been describing my story as the collaboration between H.P. Lovecraft and Garrison Keillor that neither one of them will own up to. Other people have (I imagine) been describing it as "[t]he finest work of fiction produced since man first set fingers to keyboard, not counting The Eye of Argon." I don't really know what that means, though.

Where was I? Oh, yes! Have a look and spread the word!

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