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Science Fiction / Double Feature Podcast Archive

"Hey, look at this amazing thing I found! More people need to see this!"

That was the philosophy behind Science Fiction Double Feature, a moderately successful B-movie podcast I released in 2006 and 2007. Each episode presented summaries of two thematically-connected movies, along with production history, trivia, and my own commentary.

I decided against the conversational multi-host format employed by most movie podcasts in favor of a more scripted, documentary style (I was working through This American Life's back catalog at the time, and the main movie podcast I was listening to regularly released 3-hour episodes with maybe 40 minutes worth of material). After a couple of movies were chosen, I'd watch them each again in order to write a summary and choose soundbites. If the DVD had special features, I'd comb through those for interesting trivia. I aimed for half hour episodes, and the scripts usually came in around 10-12 pages. The process of recording and editing would usually eat up an entire evening after work. The episodes were hosted on Odeo, a now-defunct podcasting platform, and garnered a few hundred listens each. I should have set it up on iTunes, but never got around to it. The snazzy logo you see above was designed by my friend Matt Anderson who was riffing on the old RKO logo.

In the end I abandoned the show, not on purpose but because I found myself with less and less time to devote to such a project. I'm really not as fond of unscripted conversational podcasts, but I now see the appeal of working that way. I have a small child now and I have to watch movies in increments; SFDF wasn't that time consuming to create, but I think I'd have to make some significant format changes if I were ever to relaunch it.

Anyway, I've been hoping to relaunch the show for... well, forever, really. Maybe one day. In the meantime, here are the original nine episodes for your consideration:

Episode 1: The House on Haunted Hill / The Tingler

Episode 2: Zardoz / Logan's Run

Episode 3: King of the Zombies / Ed and His Dead Mother

Episode 4: Santa Claus: The Movie / Santa Claus vs. The Martians

Episode 5: Wendigo / Ravenous

Episode 6: Enemy Mine / Ice Pirates

Episode 7: April Fool's Day / Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Episode 8: The Wicker Man / Horror Hotel

Episode 9: Spider Baby / Bloody Pit of Horror

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